Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shyla's First Tee-Ball Game

Shyla's first tee-ball season started last week.  She has practice once per week and starting today, a game each Saturday.
She is the only girl on her team, although I don't think she has even noticed.  Ayden, Dash, and Luke, all from her soccer team, are also teammates on this team.  Her "teacher" is Coach Andrew and she seems to like him a lot.  The team name is the Tigers but she likes to call them the Elephants.  She is a silly girl!
She's done really well at practice - trying her best and being a good listener.  Then today was her first game! 

She started off great!  It was really cold and that made her a bit whiny, but she likes hitting the ball and running the bases.  Then, in the bottom of the 1st inning, she walked behind Coach Andrew and he accidentally backed into her; knocking her over and stepping on her foot.  Unfortunately she doesn't recover from things like that well.  At her next at-bat, she basically bunted off the tee and then walked, slowly, around the bases.  Her third at-bath was better; she had slightly recovered from the accident and she knew it was her last chance.
It is safe to say that tee-ball is going much better than soccer ever did!


Erin =) said...

Awww, go Shyla, go! That last pic of her looking like she's skipping around the bases is precious!

Your Mom said...

Typical Shy!! A little passive-aggressive to show that she is miffed!!!...hysterical,..and so glad she was able to recover from the lesson once again!