Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shyla's 2nd P/T Conference

Last week was Shyla's 2nd Parent/Teacher Conference of Preschool.  For some reason, the teachers were only scheduling the conferences during the middle of the day.  This made it a challenge for me to get there and nearly impossible for Stevie.  
I wish he had been there to hear all the wonderful things her teachers, Ms. Brandi and Ms. Jessica, had to say about her! 
It was a quick conference and they were, once again, really organized with her portfolio of skills.  I should have taken notes, but here are the highlights that I remember:
  • She is basically achieving at a 5 year old level for all skills.
  • They are very impressed that she almost never argues or has disagreements with other kids.  With the exception of Zac, but even this is rare and I think is to be expected.
  • They are continually impressed by her dancing and singing.
  • She LOVES Bryce and her closest friends are currently him, Makayla, Maela, Addison, and Alex.
  • She definitely feels that she belongs and she is happy and thriving.
This, of course, is a huge relief for me and it was a really wonderful conference.  We will meet one more time in the Spring.

I'm super proud of my little girl!


Jeannette said...

Yay Shyla! Glad she is doing great! :)

Your Mom said...

I am one proud grama! She is really an exceptional little soul!

Erin =) said...

Go Shyla! Of course she's a natural singer and dancer - you know Steve is working hard to develop her MJ skills!