Saturday, February 16, 2013

Teacher of the Year?

Each year, as part of our Vail Pride Day celebration, there is a teacher and a support staff of the year chosen from each site.  Nominations are taken for a few weeks and can be done by staff, parents, and/or students. 

I've been nominated 3 years before and each year was called in for a Teacher of the Year Interview with the Assistant Superintendent amongst other big-timers.  I've always loved being nominated as this occupation is one with few individual recognitions.  Likewise, I've always hated the interview as it takes up an entire plan time and feels like your interviewing for a job you already have.  And, each year, I've always dreaded winning and having to walk up on stage in front of hundreds and hundreds of people.

This year I was not called in for an interview so I assumed I had not been nominated.  I was both bummed and surprised by this because I feel this has been my best year so far.  Teaching only math has been good for me and the students!

Fast-forward to the Vail Pride Day luncheon as they are recognizing the nominees and winners from each school site, and I am (standing) stuffing my face with beans and rice (Friday during Lent meant no mini-chimies for me).  When they get to RVMS, there apparently were no other nominees so they skipped right to the winner: me.  I guess the easiest way to win something is to have it be uncontested and that's what I did. 

It was a strange walk to the front of the room and I had to laugh a little to hear a very familiar "Alright KP" from my old softball coach, Laura.

It feels like a cheep win, but I'll take it.


Jeannette said...

That's awesome! Congratulations! :)

Your Mom said...

We are all so proud of you!!! So deserved and more...congratulations to my humble little daughter!

Erin =) said...

You are the best, Kendra! Take it with pride!