Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lilly's 6th Birthday & Party!

Today is Lilly's 6th birthday!  I can hardly believe that she is 6!  It doesn't seem like that many years ago when we were traveling to CA to see her, or celebrating her 1st birthday there, or watching her first Christmas show at daycare.  Six seems old.  And mature.  And ready to party!

We celebrated with her this past weekend - first with all her friends at Pump It Up and then later for dinner with all our family.

Our real gift to Lilly is a date that we are in the processing of arranging.  But we also threw in this limited-edition, safety-green long-sleeve tee from my CIMI trip (due to an ordering snafu, we ended up with a lot of shirts too small for any of our middle school kids and, thus, no profit, but that's another story...)

Happiest of Birthday to you, Lilly!  We love you so much!


Your Mom said...

What a fun party it was! And dinner was delish and fun to spend time with family!

Erin =) said...

6 years old?! She's practically driving! Dan and I love that the place is called "Pump it Up", I mean, that just sounds like pure fun!