Friday, July 5, 2013

Special Dates!

Generally when I'm on summer vacation the girls go to daycare together on the same day, once per week.  Last week, however, Shyla had a little eye infection so I didn't want to send her on but made arrangements to send her later in the week.

This meant I had a special Tuesday with Shyla and a special Thursday with Harper!  It was awesome!  I think next year I will schedule them more like this so I do get these special dates.  The one-on-one time is so important to them and me.

My Special Date with Shyla consisted of:
  • manicures and pedicures
  • lunch with Auntie Beth and Baby Maggie
  • swim time!
 My Special Date with Harper consisted of:
  • a trip to the zoo
  • swim time! 

1 comment:

Erin =) said...

There's no time like girl time, and with you 3 Forgacs gals, I can't get enough either! What a special tradition to have with your sweeties.