Saturday, July 6, 2013


We generally spend the 4th of July weekend in California with the Forgacs side of the family.  But this year, the 4th of July fell on a Thursday, Stevie had to work on Friday, and we quite frankly didn't have the energy for a big trip.  So, instead, we decided to do our first ever Staycation at the Westin La Paloma.  We spent 1 night in a gigantic upgraded suite, a lot of time at the pool, and got a lot of family time out of it!

The girls on our first golf-cart ride to the pool.  Our room was really far from the lobby and pool but they had golf-carts running back and forth continuously and to the girls that was like an amusement park ride!
Shyla barely made the height requirement for the slide but she was super stoked about it and rode that thing about a half-dozen times!

See Harper's folded-arms stance?  That is her new thing.  She learned it from Shyla and uses it when she's unhappy about something.  At this point she was unhappy about not being allowed to go on the slide.

In addition to the pools, they also had an inflatable obstacle course set-up.  As you can see, Stevie made it through.

As did Harper.  I never got a picture of Shyla doing it because she was too fast.  Shocker.

Daddy and his girls ready to have fun!

Daddy and his girls resting.  You can't see her but Shyla was asleep on the floor next to him.

See the bump on Harper's forehead?  She got that by running into the wall.  Straight into the wall.

But, it didn't seem to hold her back much!

We spent a great deal of time at the pool.  Unfortunately, Harper is at that tough to be in public phase and was really enjoying running away from us in the pool areas.  Thus, she and I spent a great deal of time back in the room.
And my favorite picture of the weekend - my girls being silly - together!

Overall it was a great staycation and I would definitely do it again.  It may become a tradition.  Especially as Harper gets older and grows out of this phase.

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Erin =) said...

Harper laying in bed with that bag of chips sounds like a dream staycation to me! Love the folded arm look, too...hmm, did someone just turn 2 and discover they are a big girl?!