Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Session One

So as I recently mentioned - I am back in school!  I am working on a 2nd Master's Degree, this one in Educational Leadership.  I actually started this program way back in 2008, but decided to take a break from it to focus on starting my family.  Now that my beautiful little Forgacs Family of Four (+ one neurotic dog whom we love) is complete, I am back at it and more motivated than ever!

Summer Session One recently ended.  I took two courses:

One thing that I've always appreciated about graduate level work is that the grade is based more on the learning than the specific outcome.  So we do many more exploratory papers than multiple-choice exams, for example.

I took the Legal Aspects class online and I loved it.  We were able to focus on educational law that interested us and I found it fascinating, albeit cumbersome, to read and analyze so many court cases.  Did you know, for instance, that corporal punishment is still legal in Arizona?  And that school are required to teach about skin cancer?

The Supervision of Instruction class was taken in-person with a current Vail Cohort plus some floaters like me.  Turns out Kristin is in the cohort!  She was my cooperating teacher back in 2006 and we hit if off right away!  Dr. Blair kept the class interesting and applicable with her stories from all her year of leadership.  And, I firmly believe that teacher instruction should be administration's #1 priority so I found it to be a really useful class.

Summer Session Two is well under-way so I will have an update soon.  I am taking the Publicity course!


Anonymous said...

Go Kendra, go! Two master's degree, woman, and we wonder why you're so busy?? I love it!

Erin =) said...

Oops- the annonymous was me, in case you couldn't figure it out! I might need to go back to school to figure out how to post correctly =)

Your Mom said...

So proud of my overworking overachiever! Good job Honey