Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mom Fail #1728

On Mondays, Stevie gets the girls after school because I have class until 9PM so I don't actually see them until Tuesday morning.  Here's a conversation I had with Shyla on Tuesday morning:

SHYLA: Mama, I didn't eat my lunch yesterday.
ME: What?  Why not?
SHYLA: It was our Thanksgiving Feast and you forgot and you were supposed to bring juice and come eat with me.
ME:  [not sure what I said but I'm sure it was filled with apologies and perhaps a few tears]
SHYLA: But don't worry, Mommy.  Taylor's mommy did not forget so I got to sit with Taylor.

(The picture above is after she fell while skipping on the playground ... something about a giant rock getting caught under her shoe ...)


Your Mom said...

You did not are the best mommy ever and Shy knows that. It gave her the opportunity to be flexible and understand and realize that life sometimes is a little out of kilter..and that is ok! She loves you unconditionally (and someday you will be able to save the day when Taylors mom forgets something!!)

Erin =) said...

1. Shyla looks entirely too grown up in this picture - I need a pause button!
2. I agree with your Mom (and she has major street cred seeing as she's the mom of two moms!).
3. You and "mommy fail" just don't go together (though it does make for a catchy title - that's the extent of it!).