Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Jammies. New Perspective.

Last Friday was pajama day at Shyla's school.  While getting ready for school in the morning, Shyla chose some capri pants and a t-shirt - I reminded her about pajama day, but she was adamant about wearing what she chose. 

About half-way to school she realized her mistake.  And-lost-it.  Completely.

Needless to say, drop-off was complete disaster.  Crocodile tears, clinging onto my leg, begging me not to go.

Now, as you know, I'm generally pretty strict with my girls, but something about this incident really got to me.  So, mom of the year that I am, I rescheduled 2 appointment, and headed out to Walmart on my plan period to pick up some jammies.  Of course, she was fine by the time I got there (and I knew that would be the case) but I think she will always remember the day her mom brought her jammies to school.


Erin =) said...

1. She looks entirely too grown up in this picture.
2. You ARE mom of the year for doing anything for your girls.
3. Those jammies will live on forever in the stories =)

Your Mom said...

You are the best mom ever!!(PS I would have done the same in a New York Minute!)