Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Pantry!

The previous owners of our house had some sort of bar right in the middle of the house.  As you can see, for us, it was was equally ugly and wasteful.

We got an estimate from Lowes to have doors built - to the tune of $1200!  Yikes!  I was ready to sign that contract and get it done, but of course that was not going to fly with Stevie.

He started the project about 2 months ago.  Yes, a lot of time went into the project ... but only about $300.  And it is beautiful!  Check it out - and of course be sure to notice the little helper who was imperative to the project.

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Erin =) said...

Those look great - love the before and after shots...though I wanna see some papers on his crew - that blonde one doesn't look like she's licensed!