Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Tree Shopping - and meeting Santa

As always, Stevie won our annual fight and we, once again, bought a real Christmas tree.  It was another exhausting experience in which I got to chase the kids around while he closely examined two identical trees.  But at least I got to take a few pictures of the girls.

Then, a few days later we got to meet Santa and Mrs. Clause and even eat pancakes with them.  It was a {free} PTA sponsored event at my new school.  Again, it was exhausting because I mainly chased Harper around and pulled her down off of things, all while trying to make a good impression at my new site!

As expected, Shyla was really excited to meet them and stood in line nicely ... until we actually got up there, then she got timid,


Your Mom said...

Stevie wins the fight again...undefeated!!

Erin =) said...

I know, Kendra, we need to get some "W"s in your column, too! Hahaha!