Saturday, December 28, 2013


We recently got back from a really great vacation in Pinetop.  Here's how we looked on the way up:

Once we got the cabin, we started getting comfortable.  Unfortunately for us three of the heaters weren't working so the first night was really, really uncomfortable, mostly for me and Stevie.

Harper was a it unsure of the snow and preferred her time inside drinking cocoa by the fire.

The girls worked together to decorate this beautiful gingerbread house!

And then Shyla and Stevie spent hours sledding the backyard.

Here's what's interesting: the girls' behavior while on this trip was less than ideal and thus it was a really stressful couple days.  But, we've been back for less than 5 days and all I can remember are the good parts of the trip and all the fun we had. 


Your Mom said...

So glad Pinetop is also a tradition!!! It reminds me of you guys up there as kids like that only about yesterday:)!!

Erin =) said...

I love the sledding pics - Shyla got major air! I do the same thing - only remember the good parts of trips =)