Friday, December 25, 2015

Family Vacation Day 1

As I mentioned, we just got back from an epic family vacation!  We left early last Saturday and drove to Long Beach, CA.  After checking into the hotel and a short rest, we went to meet Auntie Kirsten, Uncle Jim, Simone, Sophia, Sabrina, Nana, and Grandpa Steve at Yardhouse for lunch.  We were a big, rowdy group but it was a lot of fun and super yummy.  After lunch we went to a little park nearby for the girls to run around and exchange gifts.  A bit later we were joined by GP, RP, Chelsea, Lilly and Zack.  And, a few minutes after that it started to pour!  We ended up run/walking back to the hotel in the rain but it was an adventure and our vacation was off to a great start!

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