Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

It's the last night of 2015 and we just got home from a 4:00pm party at Chelsea and Mike's house to celebrate!  The decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the company was great.

As per normal, Stevie was ridiculed for drinking chocolate milk (tonight in a wine glass) but, as a result of karma, Dad broke one of the new (Walmart special) wine glasses right before the champagne toast.  Speaking of the champagne toast....thanks to Netflix we were able to do a full countdown to the new year at 7:00pm!  Brilliant!

I don't have any profound or even moderately intelligent words to close up the year so I'll just say this:
-I love my family more than anything
-I will continue to try to make every day and moment with them count
-I'm so excited about our new house, so thankful to Stevie for all the hard-work, and looking so forward to making it our HOME!

Happy New Year!

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Erin =) said...

These are such cute pictures and special memories. I feel like you're all in store for an extra lucky year or something with that banner and special spelling of "year", hahaha, I love it!