Friday, December 25, 2015

Family Vacation Day 3

The next day, Monday, was our Catalina Island day.  You must know that I love Catalina Island!  After enjoying a lovely breakfast we took a chicken-tender over to the island and spent exactly one hour on 2 golf-carts seeing the sights.  The kids loved it!  We even stopped to see the zip-liners and this might be something I choose to do the next time!

After getting back on the ship we tried to get the girls to take a nap.  Although unsuccessful, Stevie did nap while the girls and I played some more mini-golf and had some hot cocoa and treats!
We didn't spend as long on the island as I would have liked.  Maybe next time when the girls are older.  But, rest assured, it was just as quaint and beautiful as I remember.

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