Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scottsdale Vacation Day 2

Whew!  What a day!  Day two of our summer vacation is coming to a close and we are exhausted, in the best ways possible.
Today was a resort day.  This morning we went to the resort pools then walked over to the hotel pools (where the lazy river is).  Then after lunch and rest time back in our room, we went back to the pools.  We played TV Trivia and didn't win.  The girls went down the slides over and over and over again.  And Harper played with her fish and net for hours (best $3 I've ever spent).  Stevie grilled chicken for dinner and after enjoying that he went to watch the basketball game with his friend Alex while the girls and I went back to the pool!
The only "bad" part has been that Shyla got sunburned on her face.  She's really not very red but she's very sensitive and when we reapply sunblock or aloe, it burns really bad and she cries.  I'm hopeful it will be better by tomorrow.

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