Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Scottsdale Vacation Day 3

Yesterday was day 3 of our summer vacation and it was a busy one!  After breakfast we headed to Big Surf Waterpark.  It was awesome and well worth the cost of the Groupon!  It wasn't too crowded until later in the afternoon and the girls had a blast.  They are at such a perfect age because they like to do the fast/scary/dark slides but they also like to wade together in the shallow pools and play together.  Shyla conquered just about every slide there and Harper mastered each one that she was tall enough for.
After that we returned back to the resort and rested and ate dinner.  Then headed to Chase Field for a Diamondbacks game!  I received 4 free tickets through a program we do at school.  We stayed for about 4 innings in our seats then walked around the stadium and spent some more time at The Sandlot, the kids play place.  We drove 2 very sleepy girls home and carried them to bed!

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