Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Scottsdale Vacation Day 4

Yesterday was day 4 of our summer vacation and it was a cousin day!  Uncle Jim, Auntie Kirsten, Simone, Sophia, and Sabrina arrived around 11:30am or so.  We'd had already been at the pool for a few hours and were tired but were excited to see our cousins.  Then, Grandpa Steve and Viv arrived shortly thereafter.  We played at the pool, had lunch and rest time, played by the pool, had dinner, and then ended the evening with a dance party.
Two HUGE things happened at the pool though:
1) Shyla willingly participated in the "How long can you hold it?" competition and got 2nd place!  She swam, underwater, way longer than anyone thought she'd be able to (pictures below)!  And, she made a friend named Ivy who is here every summer with her grandparents.  Ivy is 9 so she and Shyla were able to do the photo scavenger hunt by themselves (and I only freaked out a little while she was gone).  She's getting so independent and confident!
2) Harper is now swimming without floaties and will bluntly tell you that she no longer needs lessons (wahoo!  $200 that we thought we were going to have to spend!).  She had been doing great with the tube and then accidentally fell off one time.  Of course Stevie and I were there to guide her, but that gave her the courage to continue without the tube.

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