Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Basketball and Beth

Stevie still plays basketball twice a week. On Sundays he plays with guys from high school (with, of course, a few additions) on a team named Yep. On Mondays he plays in a Raytheon league. Shyla and I try to go to as many games as we can, you know, that don't interfere with our 6 PM bedtime ritual.

Here is Stevie playing defense again a big, black man. And on the right side you can see Richard Sosa who we went to high school with and who actually lived with us for awhile at Star Ranch.

Shyla likes to cheer. But she also likes to eat. Here she is eating with Grandpa Steve.

And playing with Grandma Pat.

Let's talk about Beth.
Beth is one of our best friends. She and I met while playing softball at Pima. She still lived in Sierra Vista and Stevie and I lived at Star Ranch so Beth took up residence on our couch on many-a-night. Eventually, when we got a bigger apartment and Beth was accepted into the nursing program, she became an official roommate with her own room and everything.

Those were GREAT times! We shared an apartment, we shared right-field, we even shared an ID card.

Beth was also our roommate at Beverly and our current house. She decided she wanted to move-out after we got engaged. We tried to tell her that it was unnecessary but she left anyway and we were sad.

Anyway, Beth and I have A LOT in common and Beth and Stevie also have A LOT in common so the three of us together are a hoot!

Strange coincidence: the three of us have birthdays within one week of each other (Oct. 19-Oct, 26).

Even stranger coincidence: Beth is pregnant and her due date falls within that range (Oct. 22)!

Beth is the type of friend and we know we will always have (mostly because, well, whatever we might do she will keep crawling her way back in). We are thrilled that we have been together for all of life's big moments (college graduations...weddings...babies...and of course the bad stuff that we won't mention) but we really do miss the daily stuff.
Beth came over for dinner the other night and got to experience our night-time routine. Beth and her cop-husband Dave are going to be fantastic parents and we can't wait for them to experience the same joys we do. I love to watch her with Shyla; it makes my heart happy:)

Eat Beans all. Hope your dreams are as sweet as the ones Shyla was having here.


Your Mom said...

Awww. Beth is like another blonde daugther in our life and we are beyond thrilled that she and Dave are expecting! Eat Beans!

The Yager Family said...

"a hoot" doesn't even begin to describe you three crackups together!
Congratulations again to Beth and Dave! Whoop!

Hey B! said...

You guys are all too sweet! Kendra your little blog made me laugh and even tear up a little! Oh and you are right I will always find a way to crawl back in and believe me my kid will too! Shlya you have a new BFF whether you like it or not! :) Love you guys more than you know!

kimohagan said...

KPF: I read your blog about running club buddies, and it made me cry--really. Just feeling very happy and very lucky! And then I read about Shyla (aka "the little critter") and I LAUGHED! I'm sure we'll find the missing sock on our next run at UA...(I hope!) xoxo to the Forgies!