Saturday, June 12, 2010

San Diego 2010

One thing I forgot to mention in my Scottsdale post is that, while there, Shyla came down with her 6th ear infection. We spent the majority of Memorial Day Monday in Urgent Care waiting for the doctor to tell us what we already knew. Once she did, we were on our way with a prescription for the antibiotic. The diagnosis, as always, explained the fussiness and sleepless nights.

Our plan was to leave Scottsdale on Friday and drive to San Diego to continue our vacation. With Shyla being sick we spent a lot of time debating that portion of the trip.

However, she started to get better so off to San Diego we went. We were especially concerned about driving through the mountains because of the pressure on her ears (Stevie and I once drove to San Diego when I unknowingly had ear infections and it was awful and teary and painful).

We tried to go around the mountains by going through Indio. We do not recommend this route. There were still mountains. There were only 2 lanes. There were speed limits of less than 40 MPH. There were still mountains.

Anyway, we made it!

While in Indio we stopped at McDonalds and let Shyla play for about an hour. She LOVED it and we loved that she was out of her car-seat running around and burning energy.

She and her barbeque sauced face slid down the slide, climbed up said slide, pushed bigger kids out of the way, and yelled for the heck of it!

Once in San Diego we stayed with Dan and Erin (another huge THANK YOU to you two!) and on Saturday we went to the beach with the members of French Toast Mafia who were there for the race!
Shyla loved the beach! Erin had given her a bucket and shovel for the sand. She liked to put things in the bucket and she liked to use the shovel to get as much sand as possible into her mouth. We also discovered that she likes pickle spears, even after they get dropped in the sand!
Dan, Stevie and Shyla had a lot of fun in the water!

...And, yes, this is a picture of my butt. But Shyla looks so cute peaking through my legs that I had to include it!

Sunday was race day! We were there for the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. Another big thank you to Dan for driving us to the shuttle at 4:30 am and to Erin for taking care of Shyla while we ran!

At the starting line. Yes, AT THE STARTING LINE, my IPOD decided to quit working. That meant I had to be alone with my thoughts for hours. Terrible.

Anyway, all of the FTM racers successfully completed the race! Stevie did awesome in his first long-race coming in under 2 hours! I did my personal worst coming in at 2 hours 43 minutes but, to me, every time I cross the finish line is a successful race! Tessa and Jeremy did amazing (of course) and a HUGE congrats to Andy, Scott, and Kristen (on her birthday) who completed the FULL MARATHON (26.2 miles...yikes!).

In my life I have done 4 half-marathons:
2006 Tucson (with my "running partner" Karen)
2009 Tucson
2009 Las Vegas
2010 San Diego

I am already signed up for 2 more:
2010 Mt. Lemmon
2010 Las Vegas

It is fun to have goals to work toward but I cannot explain how nice it is to be doing something and NOT have to be the best at it! I love it!


chelsea said...

Ewww I didn't know you took an alternate route! Sorry :(
Congrats, again, on a great race! Wish I had been there... next time!

Tessa Riley said...

I'm not sure there is any sand left at the San Diego shore ;) We had SO much fun with you guys!! I just want to eat Shyla up - I LOVE that she is fearless and SO not a girly girl....despite the pink frilly bathing suit ;)

That is a lot of 1/2 marathons!! You're awesome!!!

Suzanne said...

Congrats on DOING an actual race...better than me, just registering, then never doing it. So there. Doesn't that make you feel better?

Anonymous said...

I think only your mom and sister understand the work it takes for you not to have to be the best! Great job!

butterflymama said...

Sounds like you had a great time! :)

Hey! I tagged you in a post on my blog! ;)

Candice said...

You didn't mention that your iPod quit! Oh are a total rockstar! And seriously awesome that you're already signed up for 2 more races! :)

Erin = ) said...

Great post, great job on the race and great visit with us -- those strawberries were AMAZING! I love the pic of Shyla through your legs, it's just precious!

Stephanie said...

So proud of your for completing that 1/2 marathon! Thus far, I've only participated in 5Ks, but someday I am going to run in a 1/2! :)

Which 1/2 marathon has been your favorite one so far?