Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WW - week 15

Before discussing my results from this week's weigh-in, let's take a look at my life this week. Disclaimer: this is in no way meant as an excuse, it is purely informational.
  • Shyla has a bladder infection. This included 2 trips to the doctor, 1 failed catheter, I "adhered" bag and a lot of waiting for pee-pee, 10 days of antibiotic, and 1 screaming toddler. Also, have I mentioned that I eat when I am stressed?
  • Harper has decreased her nursing (a huge calorie-burner for me). My mom thinks it's because she is teething and likes the feel of the rubber nipple on her gums. I hope she is right.
  • Neither girl is sleeping through the night. Shyla has been waking up crying (read: screaming) for me and Harper has been waking up hungry (for a bottle, not me) and generally happy. This makes for a tired mommy.
  • It has been cold and rainy here. I love rainy weather! But, it is a problem for exercising because it's been too cold to take the girls in the stroller.
Okay, that being said, I only earned 9 activity points this week. That is a new low!

Okay, that being said, I only gained 0.2 pounds this week. I'm going to call it a wash (and somewhat of a victory) and start fresh this week.
Week 15 Weight GAIN: 0.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 25.4 pounds

Pounds to Goal: 15.6 pounds


Erin = ) said...

I vote for starting fresh! I just keep telling you how great you are doing especially because it is such a crazy time of year...getting through the holidays and trying your best to stay on track is a triumph in itself! I hope Shyla gets to feeling better, Harper's teething goes well and Mommy gets some sleep = )

Jeannette said...

Wow, what a week! I had to eat 3 cookies just to get through your post.
Poor Shy (and Mommy)! I hope she starts feeling better soon! Harper's nursing strike is probably just a phase, but I know that doesn't make it any easier on you. :/
Hang in there Lady! You're doing great! :)

Your Mom said...

I think it is a break even! Good work maintaining thru all that commotion!

Eileen Short said...

You did great!! Will be praying for Shyla and that Harper gets back to your boobs soon. :)

Tess said...

Rough week hon!! Keep your head up and yes, this is def a wash. You are doing a fantastic job with the nursing, so try to keep that in mind while Harper goes through her phase. Stay positive, she will read your good vibes =)