Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WW - week 14

We spent the past 4 days in Vegas. Vegas is not really conducive to eating healthy, but it's great for exercise because you walk everywhere. It's especially great for exercising if you are running 13.1 miles up and down the strip with 44,000 friends (more on that later).

This week I earned 47 activity points (and I didn't even count the walking in Vegas) and even though I felt like I was eating everything in sight, especially the greasy, fried, and fatty things, I ended up losing 1.4 pounds.

It's amazing what a lot of activity will do!

Week 14 Weight LOSS: 1.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 25.6 pounds

Pounds to Goal: 15.4 pounds


Your Mom said...

YAY for you and Viva Las Vegas I guess! you are getting closer and closer to goal every week! Good job!

butterflymama said...

Way to go!! You are so awesome!! :)