Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zoo Lights 2011

The holiday season is a time of traditions. Some of our traditions, like new jammies on Christmas Eve, are fun and cute. Others, like our annual Christmas tree fight, are just plain silly.
However, I am proud that our annual trip to Zoo Lights has become a tradition. I recalled with Shyla this evening that in 2009 I carried her in the ergo-baby-carrier as we explored with my parents and their friends, in 2010 I pushed her in the stroller, and for 2011 of course she wanted to walk. We were delighted that for the first year Stevie was able to join us!

We waited in the really long, albeit quickly moving, line with the doll that we donated to the marine's toys for tots drive.

We took a break from jumping for a quick picture in which it looks like both girls are trying to escape.

It "snowed" and Shyla tried to grab some of it.

We played with the giant inflatables.

And after about 45 minutes Shyla passed out in the car. In case you can't see it, her inadvertently placed cup reads, "Life is Good."
Yes pink cup, it is. Life is very good.

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Erin = ) said...

Awww, life is so good! Especially with those little loves in our lives...cheers to holiday traditions = )