Monday, November 28, 2011

Harper Ann's Baptism

On Saturday, November 26th at 11 AM Harper Ann was baptized into the Catholic Church at SS Peter and Paul. The baptism was performed by Father Paul.

Here's the lady of the hour:
She wore a baptismal gown that was made in 1912. She was the 60th baby to be baptized in it. Pretty amazing.

Before the ceremony began, we snapped this picture of Harper, me, and God-Mother Erin:
During the ceremony at the beautiful church where Stevie and I were married and where Shyla and Zackary were baptized in August 2009:
After the ceremony my dad captured this picture of us all:
The official certificate:
Following the ceremony, we had everyone over to our house for lunch and, of course, more picture taking!

And then today I had her picture taken in my baptismal gown, purchased by my Grandma Sonntag. These last 2 pics are courtesy of The Picture People.

Harper is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love! It was a really special day!


The Yager Family said...

Stunning! Both of your girls are simply stunning!

Your Mom said...

What a beautiful and special day!

Erin = ) said...

We love our munchkin Harper Ann! Her baptism was beautiful, Kendra, and we are so honored to be a part of it. Your dad did great as paparazzi - I'm impressed! I also love that she's the 60th baby to wear that baptism gown, that is just such great history.