Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coronado Island 2011

When I was a little girl my family would spend some time on Coronado Island almost every summer. We have countless memories from there, mostly with Rick & Holly, Eric & Michelle.

Thus, we were super excited to be going to Coronado last week with our girls and the whole gang. The whole gang entails: my mom and dad, my sister, Lilly, Zac, Kirsten, Jim, Simone, Sophia, Grandpa Steve, and us.

So here is a recap of our trip, in a nutshell.

We left our house at 3:30 AM so the girls would sleep. It worked nearly perfectly! Shyla had some trouble falling back asleep in the car but then they both slept until Yuma. When we arrived in Yuma we spent an hour at Carls Jr in the playground.

Finally we made it to the Island! After unpacking we took a walk down to Sunset Park so Shyla could play and burn off some energy.

We were so lucky to be staying in a gorgeous home while there. This meant we had lots of quality family time!

The Forgacs Four spent Friday at Sea World. The majority of our time there was spent on Sesame Street! Sadly, Shyla was a few inches too short for many rides (including the jumping castle area). But she could do this net-climb that surrounded the whole area.
And this Oscar the Grouch ride:
And the Flying Elmo ride:
And the Abby Cadaby ride:
We watched the Dolphin show, the Shamu show, and the Seamore show. Shyla only remembers the Dolphin one because I'm pretty sure she was asleep with her eyes open during the others.
Stevie tried to win Shyla a giant stuffed animal by climbing this rope ladder.
It didn't work.
On Saturday it rained. All day long. Chelsea, Lilly, Shyla, and I got out on the town to pick up our bibs in San Diego. While we were gone and there was a break in the rain, the others decided to walk and bike down to the ferry landing. They ended up having to run and bike quickly back to the house in the pouring rain. There was lots of inside family time that day!
We thought it would be funny to put Harper on the lazy susan table. It was.
One of the best parts of the weekend was that we got to spend time with Uncle Dan and Auntie Erin! They came for dinner on Thursday night, Saturday night, and we spent Sunday evening with them as well. It is always so great to see them and it was so nice to have Erin's help with the girls.
The reason behind this trip was for me, Stevie, and Chelsea to do the Silver Strand Half Marathon.
We all successfully completed the run. Stevie did really great at 1:52, Chelsea did awesome with 2:30ish, and I did okay with 2:42. Not my best outing but a successful trip across the finish line nonetheless. I think my body got mad at me around mile 8 and really started hating me around mile 10.

The rest of the family headed back to Tucson that afternoon, the Forgacs Four stayed another night and made it back on Monday.

It was yet another fantastic family vacation. It was fun and memorable and full of family. Again, we couldn't have made it work without the help of my parents!

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Your Mom said...

WOW it really was a terrific time...I really love spending time with the whole family anywhere...but what a bonus being on Coronado (my idea of fantasy island!)...even the rainy day was magical! Let's do it again!!