Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harper is 4 Months!

Today our sweet Harper is 4 months old! Geez, how time flies! This very well may be my favorite age so I wish I could find her pause button to make this last a little longer.

Harper is the sweetest baby around. She gives big smiles, she knows "mommy" and can find me in a room, she is a thumb-sucker.

She likes to stare at her big sister and at Pancake and, unfortunately, at the TV. It has become pretty routine for her to sleep 11-12 hours a night, but I still won't move her to her own room.

The bumbo chair has become a favorite (in fact she is in it right now watching me blog) but she really isn't a fan of her carseat. Harper loves her nightly bath, has big beautiful eyes, and unpredictable hair. She doesn't love tummy-time but will tolerate it for a few minutes and long enough for me to get good pictures of her. She has one "weepy" eye that we have to clean frequently and is currently dealing with her first runny nose and first experiences with the boogie-getter.

My favorite things about Harper right now are her smiles, inquisitive expressions, and blond roots.

It's been an incredibly happy 4 months in the Forgacs household!


Your Mom said...

Oh you pegged that little girl so well..like only a mommy cold! this post made me a little teary..she is a beautiful miracle.

Your Mom Again said...

missed the "u" in "could"! just sayin'!