Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

Happy Easter!
Whew! What a day! Easter is my favorite holiday and we were determined to make this year just as special as any other, even though we knew we'd be finishing up a quick vacation in Scottsdale for a friend's wedding (there will be a post about the wedding once I collect pictures from people who are more organized than me).

Anyway, we colored eggs on Wednesday evening. This was fun because it was the first year that Shyla was actually involved in it.
She mostly wanted to put every egg into every color, but I managed to keep this egg to myself for my creation:
As I said, we were in Scottsdale but luckily the Easter Bunny knew where to find us! He hid eggs in our hotel room and left Easter baskets for Shyla and Harper. Shyla woke up first!
But then Harper finally decided to get up to see what was in her basket too!
Both girls got these silly glasses!
After breakfast we went to the Egg Hunt that was hosted by the Phoenician. There were probably about 100 kids there and lots of eggs but when the announcer said, "go" somehow all the eggs were snatched up in (literally) less than 30 seconds. Thankfully a kind gentleman gave Harper an egg and a mother made her son give Shyla an egg. Shyla met, and didn't physically assault, the Easter Bunny! And, she didn't even care too much about the Egg Hunt because there was also a jumping castle!

Then we drove back to Tucson and headed over to my parent's house for our traditional family Easter celebration complete with lots of extended family, yummy food, and another Egg Hunt.

Finally, as always, we tried to take some family pictures.

It was a bit of a whirlwind and we are exhausted, but it was another fun day with our family so we couldn't ask for anything more!


Jeannette said...

Such a fun day! Boy, that Easter Bunny is smart and those girls are adorable! :)
Did you get the pictures I e-mailed to you? It was great seeing you guys! :)

Your Mom said...

Wonderful day! Happy Easter Season everyone!