Sunday, April 29, 2012

Harper gets her Ears Pierced!

Last Friday Stevie got to play Mr. Mom.  He took Harper to her 9 month well-baby-check and took Shyla to the dentist.  He did an awesome job but you will notice there won't be blog posts about either because he didn't take any pictures.  Epic fail, Stevie, epic fail.

Anyway, he also needed to get his new watch sized when led him to the mall.  To hear him tell the story it sounds like he was there for his watch and, oops, accidently ended up getting Harper's ears pierced.  Yep, without me!  Yep, with no pictures!

She, of course, looks beautiful and it saved me from hearing her cry.  Good job, Daddy.


Erin =) said...

Check out that bling! Lookin' good, Miss Harper, lookin' good =)

Your Mom said...

What a beautiful girl...her eyes sparkle even more than the bling inher ears!!! Good job daddy!