Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Platypus and Flouder

Both girls are currently in swim lessons.  Harper is a Platypus and Shyla is a Flounder.  We go two times each week.

For Harper, the major goals are to make her comfortable with the water and a happy swimmer.  We also work on kicking, attempt to have her hold onto the edge, backfloats, and she watches us blow a lot of bubbles.

With Shyla's, we are seeing a lot of improvement and it's really very exciting!  She is a happy swimmer and is good at following instructions.  She can Monkey Walk, do a Starfish Backfloat, Froggie Dive, and she can pull herself out of the pool with apparent ease.

I've also be incredibly proud of Shyla because due to the times of the classes, she has to sit and watch Harper swim with me before her class.  I was INCREDIBLY nervous about this but she has done great.  She has a book, some snacks, and a milk to keep her occupied but mostly she has been engaged watching the older classes and/or dancing to the songs we sing in the Platypus group.

These 2 pictures are from the last session.


Erin = ) said...

Cutest fishes I ever did see = )

Your MOM said...

I think I see swim teams in your future!

Suzanne said...

Great pics and I love the water mohawk! I just signed Soren up to start on the 15th at the YMCA and we went to just play there today.

LOVE Harper's cute ears!