Sunday, April 15, 2012

Harper is 9 Months!

Nine months ago I got to snuggle this little darling for the first time and my life was changed forever. Our little family of four (+ Pancake) became complete.

At nine months, my sweet Harper is:
  • pulling up on everything ... and learning that some things support her better than others
  • still nursing well
  • loving puffs and getting better with pureed fruits and vegetables
  • smiling and laughing often
  • often awake for playtime around 2 AM for over an hour
  • pulling hair, whosever she can wrap her little fingers around
  • crawling army-style more often, and occasionally on all fours
  • really squirmy on the changing table
  • fighting off a double ear-infection

1 comment:

Your Mom said...

What an adorable 9 month old..look how strong and straight her legs are..I bet she walks before mastering the all four crawl....