Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We could name her "Daddy"

Last December Stevie and I went to Las Vegas for the Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon.

It was the last time he saw his IPOD-Touch.

With Father's Day coming up in about a month I decided the Shyla and I would get him a new IPOD-Nano that he can use for running and Harper can use for night-time music.

I ordered said IPOD yesterday morning at about 8:00 AM, with "Daddy" engraved on it.


This morning at approximately 6:30 AM I reached into an old purse and pulled out the IPOD-Touch.

Stevie was thrilled.

I was not.

I told him about his Father's Day gift ordered just 22 hours before.

"Can't we return it?" He asked.

"I had it engraved with 'Daddy.'" I replied.

"We can name her 'Daddy'" was his solution.


Alexia Ruboyianes said...

I love you guys...

The Yager Family said...


Erin = ) said...

Hahaha, that is too funny! Oh, the irony my friend! Though Daddy Ann Forgacs does have a nice ring to it... ; )

Your Mom said...

Awesome! What is engraved on the old IPOD? Maybe she could be named "Stevie" (as in the talented Stevie Nicks!)

Suzanne said...

Stevie is sooo smart! :) You know, that old one might come in handy for entertainment in about a year for Shyla!

Candice said...

Hilarious!!! That may be the best old purse find I've ever heard of!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

He's brilliant!!!