Monday, May 2, 2011

My New Obsession (and a Full House reference)

So, coming on the heels of me failing my glucose screening and being considered "mildly gestationally diabetic," I have to tell you about my new obsession: kona-berri.

Kona-berri is a self-serve yogurt shop that recently opened near us. Stevie actually knows one of the investors, so he wanted to support him and I wanted something yummy.

So we packed up into the car and headed that direction. At one point in our drive Stevie had to brake suddenly which made the spare-tire in the back of the car roll forward and hit the back of my seat. To which Shyla exclaimed, "Whoa! Baby!" Thus, the Full House reference. If you don't understand the reference, you are probably old. Sorry. Next we are working on, "how rude!"

Anyway, back to kona-berri. Where was I? Oh, yea, it is delicious!

I got raspberry tart yogurt with blackberries mixed in!

This sign pretty much sums it up!

As does this cutie!

Digging in! (to Mommy's of course!)

She only wanted to take some of Daddy's once mine was gone! But he happily shared his cookies and cream yogurt with strawberries mixed in!

So, anyone up for a kona-date? How about in July when I hopefully have my blood-sugar regulated?


Erin = ) said...

Mmmmm, I'll gladly be your July date!! Next time you are in San Diego, I have to take you to Yogurtland (do you have those in Tucson?) - it is a yogurt place too and so tasty. I can't believe we didn't take you guys last summer - how rude!

Your Mom said...

Uh...I have to say that if someone doesn't understand the Full House references they are probably YOUNG, not old! Hmmm...what does that make YOU I wonder???

Stephanie said...

Frozen yogurt is my FAVORITE!

Do you still live in Tucson? Remind me. :)