Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zoo Time!

Last Sunday Shyla and I went to the zoo with my parents and Zac and Lilly! We love the zoo. The Tucson zoo is the perfect size for us, and we are all members so we can go for an hour or so and not feel as if we aren't getting our money's worth.

It is also nice to know that our membership dollars support an entity that focus on conservation and doing what is best for animals.

Zac wanted to ride the fake elephant!
And so Lilly did also, of course!
Shyla was wearing a new dress that Auntie Kirsten and Uncle Jim sent for her birthday!
She learned how to stick her tongue out from Grandpa (see last picture for evidence).
And she even managed to keep her hat on for about half the visit!
It's always nice to take a rest with grandpa! Still unsure why he is sticking his tongue out.


Erin = ) said...

Leave it to Grandpa to teach Shyla the important things in life = )

Tess said...

Couldn't agree more. Our zoo pass was best money spent. I love our zoo playdates - let's plan another soon! I love the dress! What a cute big TWO year old!