Thursday, March 15, 2012

Harper is 8 Months!

Today my sweet Harper is 8 months. I cannot believe it has already been 8 months. That is 2/3 of a year!

She has made our hearts so happy and has made our little family feel so complete.

She has been fighting a cold and thus not sleeping or eating really well. When she breathes you can hear the icky stuff in her nose and chest. She is not a fan of the boogie-getter that we've been needing to use frequently.

But aside from that, she is doing just perfectly!

She has no problem sitting up these days and is crawling, still army style, all over and quickly. She is vocalizing and giving big belly laughs. These laughs are especially brought on by Shyla, and sometimes when she is throwing a tantrum or something else undesirable.

There are still no visible teeth in that little mouth but buckets of drool! As a nursing mom, I would like for her to stay toothless for as long as possible!

In addition to breast-milk she is getting about 6 ounces of formula each night, rice cereal and a pureed fruit or veggie twice a day, and she is working on getting puffs from her table into her mouth.

She weighs just under 16 pounds. Bathtime is still a highlight of the day and her eczema cleared up nicely when we replaced her soap with Dove and her lotion with Eucerin.

Smiles and cuddles are abundant. She still watches Shyla with admiration and a longing to be doing whatever she is doing. She listens intently during the storytimes we attend and while Shyla is reading to us at home. And she loves to watch and listen as Shyla and I sing our silly songs and do our silly dances.

Although I am on Spring Break for 2 weeks so both girls are with me everyday, she is still doing really well when she goes to daycare. She likes to watch the other kids there and the teachers always tell me how easy-going she is.

Eight months....and I have been amazed by her each and everyday.


Suzanne said...

Hurray! Time goes by so quickly! You are beautiful Harper!

Erin = ) said...

Eight is Great!