Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break 2012!

It is with great sadness that I tell you my 2 weeks of Spring Break are coming to an end. Lesson plans are done for the week ahead and my alarm is set for 4:30am.

Unfortunately, Stevie was out of town for the majority of my time off. First he was in Vegas for March Madness then he was off to a bachelor party weekend in Palm Springs. We sure are glad to have him home.

Here is what Spring Break 2012 consisted of:

As you know we spent the first weekend in Phoenix for a friend's wedding and went to the Phoenix Zoo.

Upon returning to Tucson we spent a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time reading stories and playing school.

The girls and I attended a storytime at Agua Caliente Park. The storytime was a bit weak but the park is beautiful and different.

We had SNOW! Okay, so it was technically graupel (snowflakes and water crystals frozen together) but to us it was SNOW! On this day we also experienced Shyla biggest public-tantrum as we tried to buy a few things from Michaels. I would tell you about it, but I have already blocked it from my memory.

We went to 2 storytimes at Mildred & Dildred. This storytime seems to be Shyla's favorite. It is short, but there is a good mix of stories and songs.

And we visited the Reid Park Zoo once. We are super excited to see the new elephant exhibit which opened this past weekend. Our 2 elephants were sent to the San Diego Zoo (we have been talking about Uncle Dan and Aunit Erin taking good care of them) and we acquired 5 new elephants for this new exhibit.

We walked Sabino Canyon twice. I'm relieved that Shyla will now sit in the stroller so I can get some exercise. In fact, she actually understands the difference between Mommy getting exercise and when we just go for a stroll and she can walk. Forty minutes is about her max, though, so when we go places like the canyon, I have to plan accordingly so I know when to turn around.

And we began the next session of swim lessons. There are no pictures of the actual lessons this time because I am in the water with Harper while Shyla is in without a parent, just with the "big kids" as she says. This session (knock on wood) is going amazingly well!

We went to the Children's Museum twice! Once we made it for Wee-Play which consists of a story and a craft but Shyla's favorite part by-far is the pretend grocery store.

I got a completely bogus, $62, parking ticket at the museum for being pulled too far past the meter.

We participated in the Cystic Fibrosis walk in honor of the beautiful Ellis Rose. She is the 1-year old baby to our friend Kristina. While there we took a really blurry picture of Shyla with Wilma the Wildcat.

We took many walks in our neighborhood and recently stopped using the carseat with the stroller. This makes it SO MUCH lighter and easier to maneuver and I think Harper likes it better too since she can see where we are going.
Also, if you look closely you can see Baby Sunny sitting behind Shyla.

Shyla took an interest in riding her bike, finally!

And Harper decided to skip straight to the car.

I don't have any pictures but we also attended the birthday party for Shyla's friend Samantha. This was Shyla's first birthday party that wasn't for a family member or for the child of one of our friends. Samantha is Shyla's friend. How can I have a baby old enough to have her own real friends?

And, more than anything, we simply enjoyed being around each other.

Here's hoping this 9 week quarter goes quickly and smoothly so I can get back to my girls and what I love most.


Erin = ) said...

Great post! I have so many comments I'm going to have to email you...

Your Mom said...

Whew!!! It seems you crammed more into 2 weeks than many parents do in an entire year...what a fun wonderful spring break...let's get the next 9 weeks over with so we can continue!!!

Jeannette said...

Wow! What a great and jam packed break! My goodness, your girls are adorable! :)

Random question: is the playhouse in your backyard the cedar one from Costco?