Saturday, March 3, 2012

Harper's 1st Swim Lesson

Alternate title: Stevie's legs are more tired than after Ragnar.

This morning Stevie and Harper did her first swim lesson today. This immediately followed Stevie and Shyla's last Happy Feet class.

After the swim lesson he was complaining that his legs were tired. I guess a 200 mile relay race across the state of Arizona has nothing on these activities we put our girls into.

Harper, our little platypus, looked adorable in her swimsuit and was ready for her lesson!
Not surprisingly, it was a total success!
She practiced kicking, back-floating, and blowing bubbles.
The only part she wasn't fond of was when she had to get out (it was cold) and then jump back in.
Big sister Shyla sat with me and cheered for Harper and sang the songs that they were singing in the pool. (She even forced me to clap for Harper when I wasn't clapping.)

Last week Shyla became a flounder which means she no longer needs a parent in the pool with her. She has done awesome with the transition. She is the only girl in her class and she is the best listener of the group. I may be a little biased, but I dare you to come watch, you will definitely agree!


Your Mom said...

She looks adorable and looks like she is having the time of her life!!! Did you buy her a new suit???

Erin = ) said...

Little munchkin is a natural! Harper's hair looks almost completely blonde (and me realizing this makes me realize we must see those girls asap!) and it just matches her swim suit girl look so perfectly! Yay for big swimmer Shyla, too!!

Mindi said...

New follower coming over from Tots 2 Tweens. Your girls are adorable. We recently started bringing both boys swimming (11 months and 3 years) at our pool and they love it. My oldest will be moving up to the class with no parent in the pool this spring and I'm nervous for the change. I hope he does well.