Friday, July 27, 2012

Shyla starts PreSchool

Two weeks ago Shyla started preschool.  Truthfully, we always considered her daycare to be "school" and we called it such, but this is legit preschool.  For the past 2.5 years, we have been thrilled with the care she got at her daycare.  Those teachers are amazing, and you can feel their love for the children.  She thrived, learned, and enjoyed being there.  That being said, we made the switch to the preschool because it is a tremendous weekly savings financially and the close proximity to me means she is there for fewer hours and she and I get cool bonding time in the car.

On day one she marched along side me, wearing her backpack, chanting, "I'm going to preschool."  Until we got to the door.  Then she refused to go in.  That was a rough day.

But we got through it.

She has gone for 10 days now.  Of that, I think she has cried 8 of those days at dropoff, but her teachers assure me it doesn't last long and she does great the rest of the day.  {SIDE NOTE: One of her teachers is an old friend of mine; a really nice girl with whom I played softball for many years.  It is really nice to know that she is with Shy all day.}  She is now earning a sticker for each day she doesn't cry when I leave and when she accrues 5, I will take her to McDonalds.  It's not a bribe, it's an incentive.

Up through yesterday, really, I have been incredibly stressed about how she is doing.  Everyday I ask her what her favorite part of the day was.  Everyday she was saying, "playing with Zackary."  At first I was thrilled, until I discovered that she was either playing with him or playing alone.  And she wasn't enjoying playing outside, which is really weird for her.

I was freaking out.  Just ask Stevie.  Not the same type of freak out as when she smelled of maple syrup as a baby, but a true, deep aching in the pits of my stomach.  I couldn't sleep or think about anything except for her being all alone.  And being miserable.  And missing me.  And being alone.

How's that for an extra dose of mom-guilt?  As if I didn't have enough already.

I called and talked to her teachers, I sent love notes in her lunchbox, and I tried to introduce her to little friends when I got there for pick-up.  All of that probably did nothing.  But, as of yesterday she was playing with friends and she even said "bye" to some girls today.

I feel much better and I think she's going to do well there.  Onto the next thing to worry about I guess....

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Your Mom said...

Oh Lordy. She is so much like you..I remember standing in line for 20minutes because you were sooo excited to play softball and/or swimming then getting up to the table and you refused and cried. Shy will be OK...she just needs a little more time than most to get used to her surroundings...but that is a painful time still and I feel it all over again...thank you very much for having another Kendra!