Monday, July 2, 2012

Weight Watchers 7-2-2012

Monday night WW is also much-needed "me time."  Stevie comes home, we kiss, I update him on the statuses of the offspring, and I am out the door.  6:15 sharp.  Realistically I could probably leave 15 minutes later and still arrive in plenty of time (and I can confess that here since Stevie rarely never reads the blog) but I enjoy MY time.  I weigh-in and then I sit.  And just sit.  I watch people, I read a book, I think, I plan, I sit.  What I don't do is: wipe noses and butts, make dinners that don't get eaten, protect one daughter's choo-choo from the other, see the mess that constantly surrounds me.  Please don't misunderstand me.  As you know, I love being a Mommy more than anything else in the world.  It is exactly what I want to do and feel like God put me here to do.  But I need MY time, including those extra 15 minutes (PS - when did 15 minutes become so sacred?).

But, no matter how much I need and enjoy my Monday nights, I still feel the mom-guilt.  With Shyla wanting to me stay 2 more minutes and Harper reaching out to me with both arms extended, my heart aches with guilt.

Tonight was tough.  I left even a few minutes earlier than usual to make a stop at the library.  I didn't hear from Stevie until after my meeting (bless him) that things at home were ... tough.  Shyla was apparently hysterical all night and Harper was experiencing her night-time fussies.  I rushed home when I got that text, only to find Shyla finally asleep and Harper finishing her night-time bottle.  Cue additional guilt.

But anyway.  That lengthy dissertation is both a tangent and relevant.

As you know I was frustrated with the last few weeks of no-loss.  I received a good handful of really supportive comments, texts, and emails and I appreciate those immensely.  Really truly.  In tonight's meeting Joann talked about surrounding yourself with supportive people, those who believe in you and your goals, and those who won't let you quit.

Above all else, I do feel supported.  Thank you.

To add to this, my dad made me a little big wager this weekend.  Those who know my dad know that he doesn't lose bets.  Even when the odds are against him, someone he finds a way to come out on top. The good thing about this wager is that it is possible we can both win.  I'm not going to go into the details of the bet, but I don't think know my dad would not have proposed it if he didn't think I could accomplish it.  My end of the wager entails me reaching goal by October 1st.  That is 13 weeks away!

Thankfully at tonight's weigh-in I am down 2.4 pounds!  Finally, the scale moved; and in the correct direction!

I am 17.6 pounds away from goal with 13 weeks left in the bet.

{I have started my last few mornings with an egg-white/spinach/mushroom/cheese omelet for just 4 pounds and have felt very full all morning!}


Natalie said...

Sometimes I feel guilty just taking a shower in the morning. That's messed up.

Congrats on the loss!

Tess said...

Woot woot!!!! =)

Cathy Wesner said...

I miss seeing you on Tuesdays. Good job on the weight loss this week. I lost last week and hope I don't gain it back this week.
I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with the Forgacs family comings and goings.
Hope to see you.

Your MOM said...

That is super great news Daughter!! I know how hard it is and know just as certainly that you can and will win the bet...feeding dad lots of fried Michigan food but he will probably win also!