Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Quality Day

Yesterday was Stevie's off-Friday so I pulled him away from the yardwork, where the pavers are still not quite done, to spend some good quality time with his girls.

After dropping Harper off at Grandma's we took Shyla to Paradise Bakery for breakfast where she enjoyed about 1/3 of her orange muffin but many bites of my bagel and Stevie's sandwich.

Then we took her to see her second movie: Disney's Brave (Stevie took her to see Hop many months ago, and they only made it through about 30 minutes).  This time we nearly didn't make it through the previews.  She was "scared" of the dark theatre and the big seats.  She cried and whined until I took her out where she had the choice to go home or back into the theatre.  She chose the theatre.
Truly I don't think she enjoyed the movie and I doubt we will go back for awhile.  I found the movie to be dark and violent, and not humorous as Pixar movies generally are.

Harper and Grandma seemed to have a lot of fun!  Wearing hats and tiaras and eating!  I think it's nice for the kids to get individual time with their grandparents once in awhile.

After a late nap we went to Beth and Dave's house for a yummy dinner and playtime!

(The picture above cracks me up.)  

These girls will pretty much grow up together and be as close to family as you can be with no blood relation.  It was simply a really quality day!

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Your Mom said...

I know I had a quality morning with Miss Harper! And seeing Shyla is always just priceless!