Friday, June 22, 2012

An Open Letter to our Dog

Dear Pancake,

You have been part of our family for about 5 years now, but I don't even really remember a time when you weren't here.  Or a time when I showed up to work not covered in hair.  We all really love you.

From the time you joined us up until I went on bed-rest with Shyla, you got 2 walks each day, nearly everyday.  I really loved that time together, just me and you.  I am sorry you don't get walks very often anymore.  I am going to make it a goal to make sure you get out more, at least 4 times each week is a good starting point.  In my eyes last night's walk was a bit of a disaster, with Shyla dropping your leash 3 times then giving up the leash when we were at the halfway point.  But, you probably still enjoyed it!  It took us more than 20 minutes to get around our small neighborhood, but you got to sniff and pee a lot.

You are not a good watchdog but you are really great with the girls.  Shyla loves to give you "salmon treats" and she loves to be in charge of letting you in and out.  Harper loves to hug you and tug at your ears, and you let her do it all.  Shyla's songs about our family always include you!

You get in trouble for jumping on Grandma and Grandpa when they come over.  I wish you could control that, but I know you are just excited to see them all.

When we go on vacation you get to stay with Auntie Chelsea.  We love having you there because we worry about you when we are gone but when you are with them we know you are loved and getting attention.  We always wish we could take you with us, but with the exception of Pinetop it's really not possible.  One of these days you are going to have to meet Baxter.  Please be nice so you can continue to stay there.

It makes me happy to know how much the girls love you and that we are truly a family of 5.

Be good.  

Love, your family


Your MOM said...

This brings tears to my eyes! I love Pancake too..we had many walks together when you were on your honeymoon and other various places and I would "stop by" Vail after work and I loved the time with her! She is a very good dog and a real part of the family! She willtake lovingly whatever time you can give her and not complain.

Natalie said...

The exact same thing happened with Ginger. Before Spencer was born she was a 2 walk a day everyday kind of dog. We really did a good job when Spencer was born and kept it going until summer. Then she just got walked at night. Even after it cooled down she still mostly just got 1 walk a day. Now with Elliott she is lucky to get a walk once a month. Poor dogs.

Also, a teacher at my school has a dog named Pancake. Her Pancake is a certified therapy dog, but your Pancake is cuter.