Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weight Watchers 6-19-2012

Two updates in one!

Last week we spent the week in Scottsdale.  I did my best to stay get on track; luckily we had an almost full kitchen (how the heck do you use a convection oven?) so we did most of our cooking and eating at the hotel rather than restaurants and fast-food.

I attended a WW meeting in Scottsdale.  It was a bit of a disaster.  I had forgotten my book at home so my mom came over and texted me my membership number.  Apparently, the membership number means nothing.  I was a little annoyed at this, and annoyed that they couldn't just let me step on the scale.  "Just login to WW on your phone" the nice lady told me.  Am I the only young person left that doesn't have a smart-phone?  To make this really long and incredibly boring story shorter, I ended up paying the $13 fee and will have to call the WW in the sky to be issued a refund.

Anyway, I was down exactly 1 pound.  The meeting was boring (I should have known since there were only 9 people there!); I think I'm becoming a meeting snob, but attending that 30 minute meeting is some of the very little "me time" I get each week and I want it to count.

Fast-forward to this week.  I have a lot to do today (oops, better get started) so I went last night instead. I had zero change and I count that as a win.  Factoring in vacation, lack of gym time, and Father's Day, a maintenance week is something that makes me proud.

However, I have a lot of WW work to do.  In exactly 15 weeks something very special is happening and I would really like to be at goal by then.  But that means losing approximately an average of 1.3 pounds per week.

I am exactly 20 pounds from goal.

I heard this last night and it sucks but it's true:
"You cannot look the way you want to look, and eat the way you want to eat."

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butterflymama said...

Yay for the pound loss!!!!
Love AND hate that quote too!
You can do it...you'll get to your goal!!! :)