Monday, June 4, 2012

Oye, Harper!

Last Wednesday when we took Shyla for her well-check, Dr. Terry checked Harper too, just because we were there and since she doesn't always show symptoms of illness.  She was fine.

Thursday morning she woke up like a hot tamale.  Although she slept well, when I picked her up from her crib she was scorching.  Throughout the morning she was cranky and feverish, despite the medicine and tepid baths I was giving her.  As the afternoon rolled in, she was getting worse and not better.  She was lethargic, which is really scary, so my mom came over.

I have 3 different thermometers: binky, forehead, and ear.  As I was checking her temperature they all read over 102, and one ever read close to 105!  I called Dr. Terry and he said it could be a virus but with little girls we always have to consider urinary tract infections.  My mom and I brought her down, he rechecked all the obvious culprits and they all appeared good, so we made the decision to check for the UTI by doing a catheter.  Ugghhh.

But, the catheter experience was not in vain because, yes, she had a full-blown UTI.  We started her on the antibiotic that afternoon and it took a good 48 hours for her fever to break and for her to get back to herself.

Once again, thank goodness for Dr. Terry being so thorough.  And thank God she is feeling better.

Little stinker.


Tess said...

Wow! I honestly didn't realize that girls this young got them....guess that is what happens when you are surrounded by boys!! So glad she is feeling better :) Miss you all!

Your Mom said...

And once again Dr. Terry is my hero!

Erin =) said...

Oh my goodness, this just breaks my heart =( But I agree, Dr. Terry is now my hero, too!