Sunday, June 24, 2012

Princess Basket-Case

Yesterday we attended a Princess Party at our favorite little toy store Mildred & Dildred.  It turned out to be a bit of a disaster just because it was too close to nap-time and there were a lot of people there.

When we got home, Harper played with a basket.

Here's my little princess, in tennis shoes, ready for the party.

There were a lot of princesses walking around; I could only get her to pose for a picture with Belle.

She was much more interested in the escalators and the fountains.

After the party we had a visit from basket-case lady and unfortunately she is back today.  Therefore, I must wrap this up and go tend to her.


Your Mom said...

HaHaHa ...I was wondering how many ofyour readers understand what we refer to as "basket-case lady"!!! we know her only too well in this family (thx Chelsea!!)

Erin = ) said...

Harper and the basket - too cute!