Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WW - June 5

So yesterday was my WW weigh-in day.  It did not go well.  I don't have a lot to say this week but I ended up gaining 0.8 pounds.  Yikes!

I've said this before but I'm actually glad that I didn't lose weight this week because I know that I didn't earn it.  I worked out quite a bit (I am loving the stair master at the gym and getting back into lifting weights) but I didn't eat well at all.  I felt very unmotivated and constantly hungry.  I made bad choices.  And I paid for it.

Anyway, I bought a new notebook to keep track of not only my food and activities, but also my thoughts.  I hope that might help.  I am optimistic about this upcoming week....


Your Mom said...

rRinet 64Besides the fact that stress makes us eat out of frustration, stress actually releases stress hormones (like cortisol) which makes us gain weight even if we don't eat significantly more. How unfair is that!!!?? Just sayin' will resolve and next weigh in will be better Honey.

Erin =) said...

I agree with Mama, stress is SO unfair! Cheering you on, Kendra, and hoping this "blah" week turns into a "BAM!" week next weigh in!