Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

Yesterday was Father's Day!  My family is very blessed to be surrounded by amazing dads!
To celebrate we had the family over to our house for a late lunch.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole group, or at least all the dads, but I failed.  The dads who came are: Grandpa Pop, GP, Grandpa Steve, and Stevie.

The kids played well together and we took a decent family picture:

Then Zac photo-bombed us:

One of Stevie's Father's Day presents was a magnet with this picture on it.  I got this idea (on Pinterest, no doubt) to take a picture each year in a Daddy t-shirt (the same each year) to show how the kids grow.  So we used 2 of his basketball jerseys that are, obviously, way to big.  Both girls thought it was hilarious to be wearing them!

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Your Mom said...

Thank you for hosting a lovely lunch and a great time to celebrate together the most amazing family and dads! Loved the day!