Saturday, June 9, 2012

Big Changes

Look carefully at the picture below of Shyla's bedroom:

Notice anything?

(Aside from the fact that it's actually picked up?)

Two big changes in our little girl's life:  we converted her crib into a daybed and we got rid of her changing table!

We have been wanting to convert her crib for a long time now but were having trouble finding the conversion kit.  Admittedly. this started with me swearing her furniture is Espresso when in fact it's Classic Cherry.  A big thanks to my mom who spent a great deal of time on the phone with the manufacturer.  A big thanks to YouTube for the incredibly simple video showing how to remove the front panel.  And a big thanks to BabiesRUs for, once again, being completely unhelpful.  If they had been helpful from the beginning we probably would have purchased the completely unnecessary $80 conversion kit.

Secondly, her dresser is now simply a dresser, not a changing table.  Shyla is doing SO GREAT with potty-training.  I'm actually glad we waited.  She is a bit older than the "average" but I think she is truly ready at this point and can understand it more.  For nearly 2 weeks now she has only worn a diaper at night-time.  She has only had a handful of accidents, and only 1 was in public (sorry LA Fitness, Kids Klub).  She likes to be rewarded with "Harper treats" when she uses the potty, which are those baby yogurt melts and/or wagon wheels.  (They are a bit expensive but better than giving her sweet tarts or some other sugar candy.)  We have to consistently remind her to go potty and often I have to sign to get her to stay sitting long enough to try, but I am really proud of her!


Your Mom said...

I am sooo very proud of our little munchkin! In so many ways too..and her "new" room looks fabulous

Jeannette said...

Way to go, Shyla! :)

Erin =) said...

I am beaming with pride! Way to go, Shyla, you big girl you! And way to go Mom and Dad - potty training and sleeping in a big girl bed are a lot of work =)

Tess said...

Wahoo what huge milestones! We too had to sing to distract Ayden long enough on the potty for him to go. But man, SO WORTH IT to have them out of diapers =) Congrats Shyla and Mom and Dad!

So funny that Shyla likes the "Harper Treats" as Ayden used to BEG for them too when Gavin was younger and eating them.