Saturday, June 16, 2012

Forgacs Family Vacation 2012

We have a timeshare in every even numbered year and we just got back from using some of it.  We spent five nights in a villa at Kierland in Scottsdale and we had a great time.  There was some little relaxing, a few outings, and a lot of pool time.

Harper really loved the splash-pad.  I think it makes her feel like she was really playing with Shyla.  She, like Shyla, is fearless!

Shyla loved the slide.  Actually Harper went on it once too and smiled the whole time, but Shyla really loved it!  She must have done it 100 times!  This picture shows her going down on Stevie's lap, but that set-up ended after just 2 slides, after which she insisted on going down BY HERSELF following Stevie.  This meant he had to turn around really quickly and grab her.  This also meant I lost a few years of my life watching.

On Monday we went to a park that centers around trains.  It was a lot of fun and close to the resort.  While there we rode a choo-choo around the park and the carousel (see the pictures below) and played on the playground.  It was the perfect outing for Shyla and cost less than $10!

HA!  I love this picture below.  The idea was to get a picture of my sweet girls together in the nice green grass with the train as the backdrop.  You may not be able to tell but they are physically fighting over a box of raisins, and this was the best picture I could get!

One of the highlights of the villa is the jacuzzi tub.  Each night after swimming and after Harper was bathed, Shyla would get to play in the tub with the jets and the bubbles.  Then she would hop in the shower to rinse off.  And, if we were really lucky, she would then do a naked dance in the living room....even if we had company.

On Tuesday we went to the Hall of Flame Museum, but I forgot my camera (epic fail).  It was cool and I'd like to go back sometime without Shyla.  She had a lot of fun in the play areas and climbing on the fire truck that was meant to be climbed upon.  I would have liked more time in the museum part.

Back in the villa we had a lot of playtime.  The girls discovered that the high-chair was a lot of fun to push around, especially with your sister sitting in it!

And lots more pool time!

Harper is now wearing big-girl jammies.

Shyla resisted nap almost everyday, but one day she laid down to "pretend" to sleep and ended up sleeping for nearly 3 hours in the middle of the living room!

Lots of cuddle time!

We bought Shyla this book, Pinkalicious, while we were there and read it no less than 50 times.  As a side note I actually got to read 2 books of my own!

We got to visit with our good friends Nick and Cassidy one night and also with Stevie's good friend, Alex, whom we haven't seen since our wedding.  Both visits were much-needed and a lot of fun!

All in all it was a great trip and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to spend that time with my little family.  I also feel so lucky to have my hubby who works so hard to make sure we can do things like this.  We are already talking about what to do in 2014......

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Erin =) said...

Ah, so great to have family vacation time! I love the slide-maniac Shyla, the raisin fight and big girl jammies!!