Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harper is 11 months!

So my baby is 11 months old now.  That means we are really close to her 1st birthday.  It also means we are really close to not having a "baby" anymore; and that makes me sad.
If you look closely at the picture below you will see that she is balancing on her own two feet.  She is a master walker when she has something to hold onto, and I'm sure she will be taking some unassisted steps sometime this month.

Some things about Harper at 11 months, other than the obvious that she is the cutest little thing ever!

  • Harper doesn't really like to sleep.  At least not at night.
  • She prefers her bottle to just about any food, although she does okay with pasta and stuffing.   She eats Cheerios and yogurt melts and Greek yogurt but don't even think about offering her baby-food.
  • She longs to do anything Shyla is doing.
  • High 5s are one of her favorite things to do and we are working on blowing kisses.
  • She is vocalizing a lot.  I swear I have heard "mama" and "dada" although I won't be surprised if her first real word is "Shyla."
  • I have found her, on numerous occasions, playing quietly in Shyla's room as she naps.  I think she just likes to be with her.
  • Pancake gets lots of attention, possibly more than she wants, from Baby Harper.  Those 2 are going to be best-buds.
  • She loves dancing and clapping and giggling and peek-a-boo!
  • She continues to be one of the lights of our lives, at each and every hour of the day!


Erin =) said...

11 months old and that beautiful head of blond hair! What a cutie =)

Your MOM said...

Sweetest 11 month old I know! Happy almost 1 year old Baby Harper!