Friday, July 27, 2012

Why I Love Rocking My Babies

Both of my girls love being rocked in their rocking chairs.  With Shyla, we rock while we read at night or we rock if she wakes up crying.  Harper likes to rock while she has her nighttime bottle, until she falls asleep.

 I truly love rocking both my girls.

Sometimes when it is 2AM and one or both of them is up and needing to be rocked, I dread it.  Because I work full-time and then some and I am tired.

But then I remember that there will come a time in the way-too-near-future when they will both be too old, or too cool, or too big to want to rock.  And that makes me sad, already.

So for now, no matter what time of day or night.  And no matter how many lesson plans haven't been written, papers haven't been graded, dishes haven't been done, and hours I haven't slept, I will rock them with pleasure and love.  For as long as they will let me.


Jeannette said...

Every time I drag myself out of bed at 1am (or 2 or 3 or 4) I think "this too shall pass" and it makes me want to hold her even more.
I can't believe how big Harper has gotten, btw! SO sweet!

Your Mom said...

savor. every. single. moment.

Erin =) said...

Keep on rockin', Mama, and you're so right to take in these very precious years = )