Monday, July 9, 2012

WW 7-9-12

I have to say, one of the reasons I am liking my Monday night meeting is that the leader is a comedian.  Seriously, she's probably in her 60's but she is hilarious and I always find myself laughing out loud.

So tonight was my weigh-in and I maintained.  That means I get an M next to my weight.  It's not a bad thing, but it's not a good thing either.  I was not pleased to see the M, because I thought I had done well and now I feel kind of stuck.

We were in La Jolla for 5 days last week and, although it wasn't easy, I felt like I stuck to my plan.  Here are just a few of the good choices I made:

  • Instead of eating breakfast at Carls Jr when we stopped to play in Yuma, I grabbed a Tiger's Milk bar for 4 points when we got gas.  Keep in mind, Stevie and Shyla ate at Carls.
  • Instead of having a burger and/or hotdog on the 4th, I had Jim grill me a {really delicious} portobello mushroom.  Keep in mind everyone else was having burgers.
  • Stevie and I ran twice (each about 40 minutes) in HILLY La Jolla.
  • The hotel provided an incredible continental breakfast but each morning I made a fruit and yogurt parfait instead of nibbling on the breads, muffins, and danishes.  Keep in mind everyone else got to eat the yummy carbs!  I also stuck to my points by making my spinach/mushroom/cheese eggwhite omelets.
  • When we had fried chicken for dinner, I baked a filet of fish for 7 points instead.  Keep in mind....
  • This didn't happen on vacation but I also want to say that my team (at work) all got Nico's for lunch today, but I stuck to my 7 point sandwich and 3 point pretzels.  Keep in mind....
A few poor choices:
  • I ate a lot of chips.  I tend to either eat zero chips or an entire bag of chips, so I need to not even start.
  • I had more than my fair share of the pistachio pudding.  But it was seriously delicious!
I guess that's it for now.  Because of this no-loss week I am still 17.6 pounds from goal and just 12 weeks from the end of my bet.  That equates to almost 1.5 pounds per week to achieve it.

This is a quote from this week's handout that speaks to me:
"Reject the attitude that if you can't do it perfectly you're not doing it right."
This is something I struggle with, but need to get over.  ASAP.

In other news, as of today I am back at work.  I am sad and the girls are sad.  However, I know it is good for them and it may actually be good for my weight-loss journey.  Being a teacher means sticking to a very specific daily schedule.  See, there is always a silver lining.


butterflymama said...

You ROCK!!! Great job on the good choices while on vacation!
Good luck back at work! :)

Erin = ) said...

Props to you for sticking it out even when everyone around you is eating what you can't - that is so hard and you gotta give yourself credit for that! Hope the first week back to work went well - I agree that a tight working schedule often helps me stick to a particular diet/fitness goal. Cheering you on!